The mission of the Siskiyou Community Resource Collaborative (SCRC) is to develop a collaborative network of services and supports that strengthen the ability of children, youth, adults and families to live healthy and productive lives, which builds their capacity to contribute to the well-being of themselves, their families and communities.

This work is led by a network of family/community resource centers (FRCs). FRCs serve as hubs of inter-generational activity and support, coordinating and integrating supportive services between a range of organizations including: churches, county agencies, healthcare providers, schools, service clubs, nonprofit organizations and governments. Programs build on individual strengths and strive to demonstrate measurable results.

Healthy Families = Healthy Communities



April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

The pinwheel is the national symbol for Prevention, it symbolizes the hope that all children can have a fun, nurturing childhood.  The protective factors are:

• Nurturing and attachment
• Knowledge of parenting and of child and youth development
• Parental resilience
• Social connections
• Concrete supports for parents
• Social and emotional competence of children

If you see or suspect child abuse—report it!  The numbers to call in Siskiyou County are

530-841-4200 and after hours call 530-842-7009


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